Saturday, October 16, 2010

French Dressing

Bonjour! It’s Coline! This girl really knows how to play dress up. Ok so I can’t  understand a word she writes about but I know she knows what she’s talking about. I usually love every one of her outfits she posts herself in and she is the accessory queen! Coline wears lots of black (YES!) but does throw in the occasional perfect punch of color. I do get super duper wanty on her blog but she has great style from head to toe.

She also posts lots of little makeup & hair tip videos (which I totally love). I wish more of my favorite blogger ladies would let us in on their tips and tricks. Every girl loves a good “what’s in my bag” post every now and then.  Sheesh, I wish Blogger and YouTube were around when I was in high school!

I must learn to speak French…unless someone wants to be my personal translator? ;D ;D

(I tried to learn French a couple of days before I went to France…yeah, NOT SO MUCH!)

Au revoir!

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