Tuesday, October 12, 2010



“Azumi and Akiko have been best friends since elementary school when they first bonded over their love of mochi icecream. They live out of each others wardrobes and are fond of flea markets, convenience stores and tea parties.”

I love their style and their little story. It makes me miss my best friend. We’re very close even though we’re not wardrobe buddies or even close to that. We do share a special food bond with pizza though ;). She has two babies now and I’ve moved away to another country. But we’re still goin strong and I’ll be visiting next month with my husband whom she hasn’t even met yet! It’s an exciting time. I’d love to have an illustration of us together. I’d treasure it forever – just like our friendship.

((This illustration was made by Helena at Pop Pop Portraits. I’m going to get a really good photo of us while I’m out there visiting and request a custom illustration right away.))

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