Wednesday, October 20, 2010



As I was searching for a horror movie Halloween costume, I kept going back to this pretty photo of Shelley Duvall. She looks so pretty it’s ridiculous. I love how her ear sticks out from her hair just a little. She always looks very innocent and almost Elven. I’ve been called Olive Oyl many times so I thought – why not? The song she sings in the movie has to be one of the cutest songs everrr. Of course the man won’t even consider being Popeye (even though he loves his spinach). IF we go to a party I’ll snap some shots and post them. I’ll never look as good as Shelley did though!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

French Dressing

Bonjour! It’s Coline! This girl really knows how to play dress up. Ok so I can’t  understand a word she writes about but I know she knows what she’s talking about. I usually love every one of her outfits she posts herself in and she is the accessory queen! Coline wears lots of black (YES!) but does throw in the occasional perfect punch of color. I do get super duper wanty on her blog but she has great style from head to toe.

She also posts lots of little makeup & hair tip videos (which I totally love). I wish more of my favorite blogger ladies would let us in on their tips and tricks. Every girl loves a good “what’s in my bag” post every now and then.  Sheesh, I wish Blogger and YouTube were around when I was in high school!

I must learn to speak French…unless someone wants to be my personal translator? ;D ;D

(I tried to learn French a couple of days before I went to France…yeah, NOT SO MUCH!)

Au revoir!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Basket o’ Pups


Hello Bette Davis! Now I’ll admit that I am a big Joan Crawford fan (thanks to my Mom) and have only really seen Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (when she wasn’t so doey). The actresses really hated each other so that movie was perfect for them. Let’s put the CRAZY B aside and look back at her early years and oh my gosh she is like a porcelain doll. Even though she’s known for her bitchy roles in movies she was one of the prettiest stars in old Hollywood.

Seriously though, who’s idea was the basket o’ poodles?

Bette: “Did you get the shot?!!?!”
Pups: “What the…"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



“Azumi and Akiko have been best friends since elementary school when they first bonded over their love of mochi icecream. They live out of each others wardrobes and are fond of flea markets, convenience stores and tea parties.”

I love their style and their little story. It makes me miss my best friend. We’re very close even though we’re not wardrobe buddies or even close to that. We do share a special food bond with pizza though ;). She has two babies now and I’ve moved away to another country. But we’re still goin strong and I’ll be visiting next month with my husband whom she hasn’t even met yet! It’s an exciting time. I’d love to have an illustration of us together. I’d treasure it forever – just like our friendship.

((This illustration was made by Helena at Pop Pop Portraits. I’m going to get a really good photo of us while I’m out there visiting and request a custom illustration right away.))

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beauty School Dropout


Hay Frenchie! Did you know she even has her own Barbie? Pretty major. I think the Sandy doll is pretty badass though…well as badass as a Barbie can get. Shoot, I love them all. Anyway, Frenchie wasn’t my favorite character but how could you not like her? I’m going to assume she was behind the amazing Sandy makeover (you know ONJ had to be stitched into those pants?! Damn.) Frenchie had red, pink and even yellow hair at one point. I want wigs, lots and lots of wigs.

Wow, this blog really brings out my inner girliness. It’s a little scary.


These pretty illustrations are by Matou en Peluche. I found them via a little interview on The Clothes Horse. I am officially a fan and a small obsession has begun. I’d fill our flat with every piece if my man would let me. These are so my style. I love the mix of deco, silent film, old Hollywood star, MERMAIDS and animals – oh my.That last piece is called Joan, it was meant to be! <3

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Well most of the time these ladies have their doey eyes covered with huge glasses but they have em, I swear. Can you imagine what their closet must look like? Actually when I think about it I picture their entire house covered in clothes from floor to ceiling. Like, everything is made of clothes or has something wonderful laid on it and they just pick up whatever they step on and walk by and it makes an amazing outfit because that’s all they own!!


I’m just sayin.

(((photo via olsens anonymous)))

Pony Girl


Meet Bowtie the vintage My Little Pony via NostalgiaMama on Etsy. I’m pretty sure I had this same pony when I was a little one. They always came with a mini brush for their mane and tail. How adorable are her little white freckles? Ok I can’t say much else about her but she is probably the ultimate doey eyed toy. Ok no, I lied – Pound Puppies. Those just look sad though, don’t they?